Curriculum Framework

Key Department Programmes

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Project Work - Integrated Programme

In collaboration with the Science Department, this project work activity requires pupils to work in a group/team solve a problem/complete an assigned task. It provides them with the opportunity to learn how to work in a group and develop useful group skills. An integrated learning approach with the infusion of English, Mathematics and Science, the activity aims to relate concepts pupils have learnt in school to the real world and allow them to draw meaningful links while enjoying the learning experience.


Interdisciplinary Learning Journeys (LJs) (P1 – P5)

In collaboration with the English, Science and Character and Citizenship Education Department, the LJs provide an interdisciplinary approach to learning which sees the infusion of English, Mathematics, Science and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE).

Learning Journey to Changi Airport
Learning Journey to Changi Airport
Learning Journey to Vivo City – At the Giant Mart
Learning Journey to Vivo City – At the Giant Mart

Support Programmes

Early intervention programmes are provided to help support identified pupils address misconceptions, consolidate and reinforce their learning as well as build their confidence in the learning of the subject matter .


Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) Programme (P1 and P2)

The LSM programme aims to support identified P1 and P2 pupils who are weak in numerical literacy by giving more hands-on activities as well as more individual attention.


Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) Programme (P3, P4, P5Fdn and P6Fdn)

The programme aims to raise confidence and improve Mathematics achievement of identified pupils who are weak in numeracy skills and faced challenges in the subject by providing more support and personalised attention.


Remediation Programme (P3 – P6)

The after-school mathematics remediation programme aims to help identified pupils who need additional support, reinforce and consolidate their learning so that they build and strengthen their foundation.

Extension Programmes


Opportunities are provided to stretch identified pupils to perform tasks that require the use of high order thinking skills, challenge their thinking and/or go beyond what they have learnt in the curriculum.


Mathematics Olympiad (P5 and P6)

Selected P5 and P6 pupils will be chosen to participate in the Mathematics Olympiad (Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMOPS, P6), National Mathematics Olympiad (NMOS, P5). These pupils can choose to attend a training course to sharpen their problem-solving skills, computation skills and numerical sense so as to prepare them for the Olympiad.


E2K Mathematics Programme (P4 and P5)

Selected P4 and P5 pupils will have the opportunity to challenge themselves, develop their critical and analytical thinking as well as their problem solving skills.


Primary Mathematics Project Competition

Organised by NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, and MOE Gifted Branch. Selected P4 and P5 students have the opportunity to participate in the competition to “extend the learning of students in mathematics beyond the classroom”.