Mother Tongue Languages

Curriculum Framework


Department Programmes


Language Week 

This programme is held in collaboration with the English Department. It aims to enhance the joy of language learning in pupils through a variety of activities that are organised during the week. Pupils get to visit different booths to participate in language activities during recess. Pupils also participate in guided reading sessions conducted by teachers and complete reflections and hands-on craft thereafter.   


Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight

Pupils participate in cultural activities whereby they have the opportunity to make different traditional crafts. Through the activities, pupils learn to appreciate their Mother Tongue Language and its culture. Pupils also take part in internal competitions to boost their oracy skills (e.g. poetry recitation, storytelling). The school also collaborates with the National Library Board to organise book displays to promote the reading of Mother Tongue Language books amongst pupils.


P2 Language & Cultural Camp

This programme aims to develop pupils’ oracy skills and arouse their interest in the learning of the language through speech and drama. 


P3 Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme

This in-house programme, that is facilitated by the upper primary pupils, provides opportunities for pupils to learn basic Mandarin/Malay in a fun and interactive manner, and practise what they have learnt in authentic settings. 


Story-telling Sessions for P1 and P2

Teachers conduct story-telling sessions termly during recess at the Reading Cove. Besides listening to the stories, pupils also get to participate in interactive activities based on the story



P3-P6 Remediation Programme

The programme provides targeted support for identified pupils to address learning gaps and consolidate learning through a structured remediation plan.



The department provides opportunities and exposure to selected pupils to stretch their potential in relevant language skills, e.g. writing and oracy. Some competitions that our pupils have taken part in this year include Chinese Essay Writing Competition, Chinese Moo-O Awards, Text Recital Competition and National Pintar Kata App Competition.

Chinese MOO-O Awards


1. Connor Chew 2G (2018)

2. Ethan Chan 2G (2018)

3. Sara Arianna 2J (2018)


National Primary Schools On-the-Spot Chinese Creative Essay Writing Competition (2018)

Winner: Clement Cornell Siem (4G) (2018) Outstanding Prize Award


Text Recital Competition for Primary & Secondary Schools (2019)

This competition aims to raise students’ reading proficiency, ignite students’ love for learning the Chinese Language, and deepen their understanding of the Chinese texts found in their textbooks. The following students participated in the competition and did the school proud by clinching the bronze award for the individual and group categories.


Bronze Award (Individual)

  1. Mira June Wee Hui Zhen (2H) (2019)
  2. Saarth Satya Maruvada (2D) (2019)

Bronze Award (Group)

  1. Tang Estelle (1C) (2019)
  2. Hannah Hui Xiu Deery (1C) (2019)
  3. Woong Pe Hsuan (1D) (2019)
  1. Ally Xinlin Ball (2H) (2019)
  2. Alexis Lee Jia En (2H) (2019)
  3. Amber Shen Qiyan (2D) (2019)

National Pintar Kata App Competition 2019

A group of primary 4 & 5 students participated in the National Pintar Kata (Smart in Vocabulary) App Competition 2019 which was organised by Malay Language Centre of Singapore (MLCS).  The objective is to enthuse pupils to explore the 'Pintar Kata' App and expand their vocabulary learning in a fun and engaging way. Pupils received a Certificate of Participation as well as a medal.


  1. Aniq Danish Bin Mohamad Jefry (4D) (2019)
  2. Areeqah BInte Mazlan (4D) (2019)
  3. Aminah BInte Abdul Razak (5D) (2019)
  4. Muhammad Afiq Bin Mohamed Shahril (5H) (2019)
  5. Ivan Julius Irawan (5H) (2019)

Kartunis Cilik Competition 2019

Organised by White Sands Primary School

Participants were given 3 hours to come up with a comic strip to show the meaning of the proverb that was randomly given to them. Teachers provided guidance as students attempted to create their own comics of idioms with humour. Student participants used PIXTON application to come out with their own original comics.

All the comics from this competition will be compiled into a book, which will be distributed to all primary schools in Singapore.

  1. Anis Arissa Muhd Khairulnizam (4C) (2019) Certificate of Participation
  2. Hannan mohd Hafidz (4C) (2019) Certificate of Participation
  3. Nur Adelia (4D) (2019)- 4th Place

Useful Websites

for CL Learning


Aligned to the 2015 Primary School Chinese Language curriculum. Focuses on developing students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in a fun way. 

for ML Learning


(Suitable for Primary 1 to 5) Aligned to the 2015 Primary School Malay Language curriculum. It provides complementary multimedia resources which develop students’ Malay language skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way. 


Young Readers Series, Nabil and Nabilah

(Suitable for Primary 1 to 3) Developed by the Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee.    

for TL Learning

Theen Tamizh

Aligned to the 2015 Tamil Language Primary curriculum, the multimedia resources include animated songs, stories, interactive pages etc. These resources focus on developing students’ language skills and knowledge through joyful learning.



The multimedia resources include animated songs, stories, audios, videos etc. These resources focus on developing students’ language skills and knowledge through joyful learning.