Principal's Message

In Opera Estate Primary School (OEPS), we believe that each and every child can learn and grow. As a school, we use G.E.M. (Grow Leaders, Empower Learners and Mould Character) to guide us in our daily actions and interactions. Through creating positive and meaningful learning experiences in and out of the classrooms, we aim to nurture our students into caring and confident lifelong learners who strives to do his/her best.


Grow Leaders (G)


Learn to Lead, Lead to Serve is our signature Learn for Life (LLP) programme.  It encompasses a school-wide multi-tiered structure in developing leadership competencies, starting from inculcating personal leadership through The Leader in Me lessons. Going through this structured leadership programme, our students are equipped with the right leadership skills to identify and understand school and community issues. Following that, they hone their leadership skills by leading in VIA service-learning projects for the school and the community-at-large.


Our P4 students act as “Ambassadors” for kindergarteners during school visits. Following year, after training, they will care for a P1 child during the first two weeks of school as part of the P1-P5 buddy programme. At the end of the buddy programme, these P5 students reflect on the meaningful learning they have gained. The P6 students work in teams to undertake a project of setting up their own game/thrift stalls and each member is assigned a specific role. Under the guidance of teacher-mentors, our students learn to give back to the society by being actively involved in the planning, execution and publicity of their stalls to raise fund for the less privileged. For our student leaders, they are given opportunities to develop activities to host and care for students from St Andrew’s Autism School for an immersion programme. Another team of student leaders plan activities to take care of the elderly by first attending workshops to understand their needs. Seeing our young charges contributing and serving the community with big hearts and bright smiles is so heart-warming!


Empower Learners (E)


The school has our OEPS Teaching and Learning framework to guide the various departments in working collaboratively to nurture our students holistically. By understanding our learners’ profile, programmes are developed to meet the diverse needs.

Through Ignite De Arts, our second LLP, our students undergo a comprehensive 6-year Aesthetics programme. There are four key domains: Learn Arts, Explore Arts, Collaborative Arts and Fun Arts. Through these meaningfully planned experiences, the students have had additional opportunities to develop their 21 century competencies (Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural skill), develop their interests and talents, at the same time learn important social emotional skills. Through “Learn Arts” programme, pupils are given opportunities to learn fundamental concepts and skills in Art and Music. “Explore Arts”, exposes pupils to a wider range of Art and Music forms via PAL, modular programmes and school-based Art exposure programme. “Collaborative” and “Fun” Arts provide the platforms for pupils to showcase the acquired skills.   During recesses, students have opportunities to pick up an instrument to share their music or practise a newly acquired skill during music lessons, from their peers or even through their own discovery. It is a joy to see them being engaged in learning that they are passionate with their peers.


To support SMART Nation initiative, OEPS has implemented level-wide computational skills programmes at P3 (Microbits) and P4 (Code for Fun).  The students have opportunities to learn collaboratively in groups and develop their communication and creative thinking skills. For those who exhibited greater aptitudes and talents in areas such as English Language, Mathematics and Science, OEPS provides these students opportunities to be stretched either in E2K (Mathematics or Science) or part of the Debate Club. To inculcate the interest in our students in MTL, exposure are provided for them to learn the language through the arts forms such as comic drawings, music and drama. It is indeed heartening to hear that the students are engaged and are passionate in their learning, hence a form of empowerment as they take charge of their learning.


Mould Character (M)


Instilling in the students a good Attitude of Gratitude (AOG) is a common approach adopted by all the staff, in line with the school’s culture of care. “Be grateful for what you have” and “show your attitude of gratitude”, these phrases can often heard during assemblies and corridor exchanges between teachers and students. AOG serves to raise the sense of responsibility and care in students by providing opportunities for them to practise gratitude. These acts in turn promote positive student-student relationship and teacher-student relationship.


A series of initiatives under the AOG Programme implemented since 2016 includes celebrating “AOG Day” for the support staff.  Every student writes personalised messages to thank the staff. These messages are then compiled in large cards and student leaders present them to the support staff personally to show their appreciation.  On the same morning, teachers reinforce the key message of practising gratitude through school-based lesson packages. Other school-based initiatives such as Happy Canteen, Happy Toilet, End-of-Day Drill, Use Your Hands Day and Say it with Music are other avenues that provide more opportunities for students to practise and demonstrate gratitude to everyone in the school and to take ownership in caring for the school environment.  The programme has extended its reach to the families as well. Under the Tribute to My Hero Programme and VIA@Home, the students learn to say thanks to their family members whom they see as heroes and show appreciation by helping out with chores at home. Good deeds of students are affirmed at the AOG wall and meaningful reflections are displayed. Besides that, AOG has also been extended to parents. At the end of each semester, our teachers takes time to craft a personal thank-you note on a student-designed postcard and mailed them out to identified parents, to thank them for their support and partnership.


To develop strength of character in our students to be resilient in stepping out of their comfort zone and to be open-minded in having a greater sense of cultural awareness, cultural exchange programmes have been established with schools from Krabi and Vietnam. At the same time, the school also host the annual airplane origami workshop hosted by staff from Japan Airlines. This year, the programme was extended to the families of our students and staff too.


Our endeavours in bringing out the Joy of Learning in our students would not have been possible without parents unwavering support and trust. We look forward to the continued strong partnership.


Sincerely Yours


Mdm Loe Lai Pink