School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is made up of members from the business, social and community sectors. They play an active role in promoting excellence in school by providing advice on the strategic directions of the school based on their expertise, experience and diverse perspective. The committee also provides financial assistance to students who are in times of need.


In 2019, the SAC instituted awards to recognise graduating students with exemplary character and excellence contributions in the areas of leadership, sports and arts.


The SAC also recognises the contributions of the staff by presenting SAC Long Service Award to staff during the Annual Prize Giving Day.


To encourage teachers who promote innovation and creativity in their teaching as well as being caring, the awards Most Innovative Teacher and the Most Caring Teacher were set up for the purpose in 2017. Besides that, the School Administrative Staff who provide excellence service was also recognised by the Excellence in Service Award presented to them during the Annual Prize Giving Day.


Our SAC Members are:

Mr Lee Woo Chiang, Chairman

Mr Ameerali Adeali

Mr Isaac Lum Wei Yuen

Mdm Safia Bte Abdol Hamid